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Computer sales

AK Internet is an authorized Dell and Gateway reseller.  We are able to provide your computer usually in 3-4 business days.

Why not just order it from Dell?
    When you get your Dell from AK we will see that it has all the latest security updates and that it includes protection from pop-ups and spyware.  We will burn it in and test it plus set it up for free. Delivery is additional.

Dimension XPS Desktops
Dimensions, Optiplex, Precision, Alternative Desktops, Servers
Inspiron 8600 Notebooks
Inspiron, Latitude, Precision Mobile
Monitors Flat panel monitors
Save on desk space and go easy on your eyes.

Computer repairs

AK techs are the pros when it comes to fixing your machine.

Bad memory?
    We can test it.
Got a virus?
    We can clean it.
Spyware eating your computer?
    We can remove it.
CDrom gone out?
    Free installation when you buy it from us.
Windows won't boot?
    We can do a full-rebuild.

vir6.gif - 3.9 K Viruses can bring your computer to a standstill.  Worms can knock you off the Internet and shut down your computer
Spyware is the newest way people invade your computer.  Without your knowledge, it is possible to get so much spyware on your machine that it will not run. Often, the spyware removal programs aren't enough.

Can't get Windows to boot.  Bring it in for a diagnostic.


Commercial network wiring
Servers and workstations
Wired networks
Wireless networks

Whether you need hardwired networks or you want to roam your office on wireless, we can do it.

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