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  Dialup Access
Plan Email addresses Setup Fee Price
Standard 1* none $14.95 Signup
Premium $19.95 7 none $19.95 Signup
Premium prepaid 6 7 none $107.70 Signup
Premium prepaid 12 7 none $203.40 Signup
High Speed dialup NA none $2.00 Signup
Competitive price match Call Call Call Call
*additional Email addresses $3.00 monthly. All dialup accounts include free web space, free anti-virus Email protection, and the best junk mail filtering in the industry.  Free phone and Email support.  Free webmail.  All dialup accounts require prepayment.  Click here to see how to pay. Click here to view our user agreement.

Web services

Service Name Details Features Price Storage Monthly bandwidth
Web hosting 10 mailboxes - $29.95 100 5GB*
Non-profit web hosting 10 mailboxes - $19.95 20 2GB*
E-commerce Shopping Cart Real time CC processing $15.00    
Web design Custom sites First consultation free $75 hr.    
Custom programming Anything you need $75 hr.    
*Extra bandwidth $1 per GB per month. Includes your own domain mail with full services and support. Our servers run Cold Fusion, Front Page extensions, PERL, PHP, ASP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, 128bit encryption, anything you need.  Free webmail.  Control panel web sites are available.  Pick your template and make your own site through your web browser.

Networking and repair services

Service Name Details Features Price
Computer repairs* At our store Spyware removal, upgrades and more $75 hr.
Service calls At your site Networking, setup, wireless $75 hr.
*Current Internet customers receive a 20% credit on their in-store repairs.


High Speed Internet - Anywhere
Access Kentucky provides broadband in Warren County with Skypilot wireless technology. We also offer traditional DSL and HughesNet satellite broadband service.  We are the only ISP in the area that can provide high speed service anywhere, even where the phone companies and cable companies won't go.

Our Skypilot service uses a wireless link from your location to one of our towers and does not require a phone line.  Skypilot technology provides true broadband suitable for high speed browsing, downloading, and gaming.

HughesNet satellite broadband service does not require a traditional phone line and is the industry's best satellite Internet. If you have thought about satellite Internet before, think again!  Hughesnet is constantly improving and prices have dropped. It is not suitable for real-time gaming such as first person shooters or for VOIP but is great for surfing the web, E-mail and downloading files. If you download a 5 MB music file on a 28.8bps modem it will take 24 minutes and 16 seconds.  On a HughesNet basic connection it will take less than one minute.

Look below for prices and availability.  Extended services are in areas where traditional DSL and cable Internet are not available.  Prices are slightly higher there.

Click here for general service areas for SkyPilot service. Use our contact form to request a site survey.

You can come to our store to test the network.  See if you like it!

Residential Services Download Upload Email addresses Static IP Web space Price
SkyPilot 1.5 Mbps 256 kbps 7 - 10 MB $39.95
SkyPilot Plus 3.0 Mbps 384 kbps 7 - 10 MB $49.95
SkyPilot Lite
256 kbps 128 kbps 7 - 10 MB $24.95
Skypilot installation $199.95.  Equipment is free on a two year contract.
DSL 1.5 Mbps 256 kbps 7 - 10 MB $49.95
DSL Plus 3.0 Mbps 384 kbps 7 - 10 MB $59.95
DSL requires a one-year contract.  Setup fee is $50 which includes modem.
Extended Residential Services Download Upload Email addresses Static IP Web space Price
512 kbps 256 kbps 7 - 10 MB $49.95
SkyPilot Plus 1.0 Mbps 256 kbps 7 - 10 MB $59.95
SkyPilot Lite
256 kbps 128 kbps 7 - 10 MB $39.95
Skypilot installation $199.95.  Equipment free on a two year contract.
Hughesnet Home 700 kbps 128 kbps 5 - - $59.99
Hughesnet Pro 1.0 Mbps 200 kbps 5 - - $69.99
Hughesnet ProPlus 1.5 Mbps 200 kbps 5 - - $79.99
HughesNet signup link coming soon.
HughesNet installation is $299.95 after rebate. This includes equipment.
Commercial Services
(includes home businesses)
Download Upload Email addresses Static IP Web space Price

SkyPilot  or DSL

1.5 Mbps 256 kbps 10 - 25 MB $79.95
SkyPilot  or DSL Plus 3.0 Mbps 384 kbps 10 - 25 MB $89.95
SkyPilot Silver 1.5 Mbps 768 kbps 15 2 30 MB $149.95
SkyPilot Gold 3.0 Mbps 768 kbps 20 4 40 MB $299.95
SkyPilot Platinum 3.0 Mbps 1.5 kbps 25 6 50 MB $425
Extended Commercial Services(includes home businesses) Download Upload Email addresses Static IP Web space Price
512 kbps 256 kbps 15 - 25MB $79.95
SkyPilot Silver 1.0 Mbps 384 kbps 15 - 25MB $89.95
SkyPilot Gold 1.5 Mbps 384 kbps 15 - 25MB $99.95
Hot Spot Access Download Upload Email addresses Static IP Web space Price
1.5 Mbps 256 kbps 1 - $19.95

Hot spot access will give you multiple broadband access points in Warren County where you can access broadband on your laptop.  We have 5 locations in Bowling Green and 3 in the rural areas.  With a built in laptop card you can access the hotspot if located within approximately 1200 feet of one of our towers.  You can extend the reach of your laptop with a high powered wireless card.  For further information, please call.

   Customer premise equipment
Customer modems

On SkyPilot plans with a 2 year agreement, we will provide your CPE at no charge.  On a one year plan customer may lease equipment for $15 per month or purchase at no interest for 12 months.  Customer may also pay a refundable deposit on equipment and have service without contract. Renters must pay a refundable equipment deposit.

For DSL service, the DSL modem cost is $49.95. DSL requires a one year contract.

For HughesNet service, the satellite modem and all equipment is included in the installation fee.

Installation fees

Standard installation fee for Skypilot is $199.95. If your installation is simple and can be done without mounting exterior equipment, we will lower your install fee.

There is a $50 installation fee for DSL service.

HughesNet installation is $299.95 after mail-in rebate. This is all inclusive, no additional equipment needed. HughesNet offers a 30 day trial period.  For further details call.

NOTE:  All installation fees are for standard installation which includes bringing a wire in one point in your home either through the wall or floor.  Wall plates and wire runs between walls and other special routing is a non-standard installation and incurs additional fees.  Prices vary depending on difficulty.  For Hughesnet, standard installation is a roof mount.

Networking services

If you want to use multiple computers at the same time, we can provide you a pre-configured wireless router for $89.95. Just plug in and surf the net.  No hassles. We can also hard wire other rooms in your home or business upon request. If you wish to use your own router, you may.

Technical support

Access Kentucky will provide tech support regarding your high speed link.  We can diagnose your high speed link up all the way to your router.  If you have internal router problems, we offer limited free support. If a site visit is required, fees are charged at our normal $75 per hour rate unless a problem is found on our equipment.

Speeds All speeds are burstable.  The speeds shown here are the maximum bandwidth available on that particular plan.
Static IP Customers receiving static IPs can use these for internal networking needs.  If you need our assistance in setting up VPNs and other specialized network routing, we can provide these fee-based services.  Static IP numbers are $15 per month. $10 per month on HughesNet.
Backup A backup dialup account is provided in the unlikely event that your link would be down.  The backup account is limited to 25 hours per month and is only offered on Skypilot service.
Security To read about our wireless security, click here.
Renewal All internet accounts automatically renew on a monthly basis.  Customer must call to cancel prior to the first.
*Included Email and web hosting is on the accessky.net domain with accessky.net Email. . HughesNet customers receive Hughesnet Email.

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